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Safe guys, im Toby.
I play alot of sports (inowtf, a sporty person on DD?!) and I have recently started again on making comics.
Well, When I say Comics, I mean A comic, Pokemon Haku Legacy
I didnt start it originially, Haku, a friend of mine did, but he swiftly abandoned it after updating a grand total of 3 times.
He then sent me scripts and plots and such, and let me take over.
I reckon its not that bad, Alot better that PNC, for that matter.
Serially, PNC is dead.
dont read it.
go read this.
PHL (Pokemon Haku Legacy) is currently updating. (INOWTF)

Serially though, again, go read it. just over there —

OBTW William, If your reading this, You now have a Bastiodon.


I like hams,
they should be king.

Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!Get your own at Pokeplushies! Lul, giv it teh levels up by clickingz on its.

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[No description...] DAMN YOU LAZY AUTHOR!

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Join haku, A young trainer who grew up in the saffron dojo, As he travels kanto.

Comics Recomended By sessy6

Join Bill, Po, their trainer and eventually a hit man and a singer on their journey across Kanto. Also there's a dead talking rat.

Follows the adventures of Ash, May, and her annoying brother Max as they travel the Hoenn League to do lots of crazy, crazy, things! Yes.

This is the story of May, an up and coming pokemon trainer. She's a klutz Sometimes, but that doesn't stop her from going on a quest! Will she ever become pokemon master? Or is she destined for a life that amounts to nothing? Find out in Pink Sapphire!

Join May, a beginning trainer, and her two new friends, Hayley and Taylor, as they travel through the Kanto region in hopes of May fulfilling her dream of becoming a Pokemon Coordinator Master!

Join haku, A young trainer who grew up in the saffron dojo, As he travels kanto.

So what would happen if all Pokemon suddenly turned on their masters? Find out the answer in this action packed Pokemon comedy as humans fight for survival against an army of ravaging Pokemon lead by an obsessed Pikachu questing for world domination!

A Pokemon and Mario crossover comic, leaning more towards the Pokemon aspect. The Mario Bros. are traveling the Pokemon world, with the help of four other trainers, as they try to rescue the kidnapped Princess. Is there more to this than meets the eye?

A tale of the crisis of the Hakumei Region in the world of Pokemon. A new story, and new region, new characters, and plenty of excitement. Explores a bit of the Pokemon Special Manga;featuring a few notable characters.

For as long as both have existed, humans and the pokémon who accompany them have learned about themselves, the world, and each other by going on a journey (even if sometimes you have to be dragged along for the ride). The journey that begins with Bklcbkl (a naive human) and Nozo (an annoyed pikachu) leads to a grand intersection of journeys that will determine the fate of the future.

One-liners, one-note jokes, and one heckuva dumping ground for effects experiments! It's Spritely!


Two friends enter the limitless potential of the VRC (Virtual Reality Console), and embark on the adventures they've always dreamed of. Well, in videogames, anyway...


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Lexxorodius at 3:04PM, April 13, 2009

D; My penis isnt dead either. COuldnt have been. ask your mum about it.

Lexxorodius at 12:34AM, April 13, 2009

Oh D: HOW NOW. I have a comic which hasnt died yet, bitch.

Lexxorodius at 12:17AM, April 11, 2009

deed you die?

jef dam5 at 7:59AM, Oct. 24, 2007

Ofcourse you should. That way, if this ever becomes an internethype, I'm the first one to be able to claim one. =)

jef dam5 at 4:46AM, Oct. 13, 2007

[quote](Your ego gained 670 Exp. points. Your ego grew to level 6. Your ego grew to level 7. Your ego grew to level 8. Your ego grew to level 9.)[/quote] You DO know I invented that, right?

Cawey at 9:31AM, Aug. 23, 2007

Hurray for people like us with weird MSN emails that we hate! n____n

Dred at 1:10AM, Aug. 9, 2007

OMG! TMNT! And thanks for adding me.

marine at 12:14AM, June 18, 2007

Do you like mudkips? Mine knows hydro pump.

dark link at 9:48AM, June 17, 2007

same here kevin. anyway, you have an awesome taste in music!

fern at 10:12AM, June 13, 2007

Whatup Toby, you like sprites ey, I have one. Have yah read it?

feedmefood at 2:59PM, June 12, 2007

Hi! Thanks for the add!

Sea_Cow at 7:26PM, June 2, 2007

It's time for the Sea_Cow video analysis! Linkin Park DBZ: Not a fan of either, but the video still managed to be good. Harry Potter Linkin Park: Ugh... Ohio is for Lovers: Kinda emo, but I wouldn't expect any video to have screamo and an old grandma together. Rodney Mullen: Eh, whatever. All things Smosh are the very essence that keeps us alive!!

Netsaver exe at 1:11PM, May 20, 2007

I don't use .net for stroking. I have Photoshop. I use it for stroking.

F_Allen at 11:54AM, May 16, 2007

cheers for the add brudda

yoshirider4 at 2:51PM, May 10, 2007

I didn't know Harry Potter went so well with Linkin Park. Faint is my favorite song by the way. Also, thanks for recommending Pokemario!

will123 at 4:20AM, April 28, 2007

...I WAS IN HOSPITAL >=O YES again... -_________- um... you know my names William OR IS IT anyways... I'M ALIVE?? eh... I have no comment O_O!!! sorry lol good luck anyway 0_o I am still after you for making me revamp your revamp...

soonmme at 10:32PM, April 25, 2007

O_o I totaly love that Pokemon vid. 'spicaily the part witht he bat...

KevinClifford at 11:10AM, April 25, 2007

I tried winning that hat once, they didn't sell Poke stuff legally here then... In 97, Pokemon wasn't that popular... 98 it was. Toby O_o; (The "e'" doesn't work on this, apparently. Alas...)

KevinClifford at 2:59PM, April 24, 2007

I totally have that PoKéDeX used in that video...

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