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Waz up people and gamers Im new but I have a bunch of comics that are good so check me out Comics coming soon- Pokemon Adventure,Mario Kart Tourny,and Marios Great Adventure

Ill be contuing my Super Smash Bros Tournament this summer so better see it.

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A tournament of all the all stars of nintendo hsitory

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Set in an alternate universe with famous heroes and super-villans, a group of the strongest set out on what may be one of the most epic sprite comics ever!

The randomness from Nintendo games is shown in this one-liner comic. Many Nintendo games are shown, Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Warioware, and other awesome games made by Nintendo. There will not be licensed nintendo games in the comic. Enjoy the randomess

Join May, a beginning trainer, and her two new friends, Hayley and Taylor, as they travel through the Kanto region in hopes of May fulfilling her dream of becoming a Pokemon Coordinator Master!

Kai enters Kanto with his mom Hanna and his dad Gary had been imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit. Kai grows under the care of Ash as a Pokemon trainer and go on a journey to be a great trainer with Jimmy and Dana. Win his rival, Ash's Son Dash!

I once had this comic post guest comics for 4 years straight, that's how good I am at this comic thing WICKED

A Pokemon and Mario crossover comic, leaning more towards the Pokemon aspect. The Mario Bros. are traveling the Pokemon world, with the help of four other trainers, as they try to rescue the kidnapped Princess. Is there more to this than meets the eye?

The Ghostly spirit has taken control of Bowser and it's up to Mario and Luigi to save the Mushroom Kingdom from destruction.

A tournament/story based around the super smash bros game series.

A tournament of all the all stars of nintendo hsitory


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Highwind017 at 4:47AM, April 26, 2008

Hey thanks for the add. ;D

spitfire_hokage at 11:42AM, March 20, 2008

Hey. Thanks for the add. :)

Miss Annoying at 12:15PM, March 17, 2008

Hiyo! Whats up new friend? :D

Black Daisy at 1:12PM, March 3, 2008

Ur welcome!:)

saria at 11:47PM, Feb. 17, 2008


Leon the Armadilldo at 11:42PM, Feb. 16, 2008


Black Daisy at 9:08AM, Jan. 31, 2008

Kick ass, I'm a friend! Yo Fools, That's the end.

Shadow The Unborn at 1:05PM, Jan. 24, 2008

Thanks for the add man. :)

Walrus at 3:24PM, Jan. 12, 2008

First click the plus button next to your comic. Then you click on comic overview. Then scroll down and click on Advenced options. Then type in Walrus in the assistant box and click Change assitant and I will be your assitant.

Walrus at 4:26AM, Jan. 12, 2008

Well, are you going to make me an assitant or not. I will give you the rest of the day to respond. If you do not reply or make me an assitant by the end of today, the deal is off. I will not help you if you respond late.

Walrus at 1:29PM, Jan. 11, 2008

Yeah I can. That's exaclty what I asked you. I will be your assistant and resize the comics.

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