[313] Grand Festival Montage!

FuzzyMuzzy on Sept. 23, 2010

Enter mystery shadow coordinator with a shiny Magneton! Who could this trainer be?!

Also you guys get to see the “Hall of Fame” for the Grand Festival Champions! Look theres young Heather, Wallace, and even random guy trainer! Wow!

I really like how this page came out! Sorry it took so long though, last week was the most miserable week of my life! I literally had no free time at all, but I'm back! May's appeal is up next!

On a side note, i've been following all the black and white coverage. I love how it is its own separate game with no link to past pokemon until the end. I love the story line. Some pokemon are a little dumb but some are really awesome (FINALLY A WATER STARTER THAT EVOLVES INTO SOMETHING AMAZING LIKE SWAMPERT!). I also happened to watch the 2 new anime episodes, and I really think all the changes were for the better! DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT AWESOME IRON TAIL SPECIAL EFFECT!?

CQOTD - Who do you think is the owner of the shiny Magneton?
Tell me what you think?
Thanks and Enjoy!