Comic #128: Picnic of the Wild

MysteriousJeff on Aug. 1, 2019

Whew, what a long page…

There were itmes throughout the month I almost thought I wasn't gonna get it done! But here it is~

Hey You Pikachu! was something I played a lot of when I was a kid and one thing I remember finding really charming (and still do!) is how for the cooking mission, Bulbasaur listing the ingredients to Pikachu would be shown with the model of the relevant ingredient above their head and it's such a cute visual I had to have Xppo do it here!

Also this time I used a variable panel gutter space as seen with the wider-than usual space between the second-to-last and very last row, and this is a technique I learned about from my awesome spouse gray and their comics! So a big thanks to them for that+their overall support to help encourage me through these comics!