Comic #130: Traded

MysteriousJeff on Oct. 1, 2019

This page was killer jkfhdskjghsdgjk though part of it was this past month was killer.

But this month, it will also be killer, but at least this time in the process of what will hopefully land me a job for life stability. (here's hoping!)

But enough about me, here's instead comments on my comic! (and thus kinda still me, ha ha)

Aside from going pretty extra with this one (especially that 6-panel sequence with all the different settings), this one is a pretty big milestone personally; it really shows how well the new update schedule has been working out for me. Yes, I'm talking about finally getting out of the 120s page range. Comic #120 was in 2012, and most of the updates in this range were from this year. This shows that the monthly approach has worked out, so that even in mental-health-hell months like has dotted my adult life, this lets me get enough updates down to progress the story finally.

And with how the remaining tow updates for the year are mapping out in my head, we're finally gonna get to see the team get out of jail and finally move on from the purgatory the story entered back in 2010 ^w^

I can't thank my spouse gray enough for their help and support with encouraging+direct help with PYC & advising the current schedule!! QwQ They are awesome and indeed being around them and their amazing comic work has helped with PYC's visual quality going up as well (while taking care to not like, copycatting their techniques because that would be just rude)

Here's to more adventures of Bklcbkl's team and others!