Comic #131: End of Story Service

MysteriousJeff on Nov. 1, 2019

Whew, finally out of this arc!

Makes me wonder if anyone who was reading when this whole past stories arc began has rediscovered PYC since I began updating it again… probably not but hey, if anyone ever does they can now find at least the arc that it originally stalled at has completed ^_^;

Next time… escape from the jail cell!!

Getting this page done was particularly killer since October 2019… hoo boy while 2019 hasn't been to kind to me or my spouse, October was pretty brutal. Definitely hoping November is nicer to us! (At the very least, Pkmn Sword and Shield come out, so…!) But yeah, although I did get it done on the 1st for my deadline day, it is the closest I've come to missing an update since the current plan got enacted -_-;

But of course as always, shout out to my awesome spouse for their support and help making this comic, and to readers as well for reading it!