Comic #126: Knockin' On Opportunity's Door

MysteriousJeff on June 2, 2019

Xppo sure knows how to hype themselves up!

Special thanks to my awesome spouse gray for help with me getting this page (like they have been for the other recent pages) but also because they reminded me while I was watching them draw that the eraser technique to get sharp lines on energy effects which I then utilized on the fire effects this page. In fact, because of a tablet cord issue I had to return to my old tablet for most of doing this page which meant no pen pressure but the while the alternate way I shaded the characters this page was long, it ultimately still turned out looking well and close enough to how I shaded last page!

Also, though I missed PYC's 13th birthday (it was last Friday), I'm just like, wow, that long, huh? Granted I don't know how much of the original readerbase still looks out for PYC updates, but hopefully someday if I keep on updating sorta-regularly some of you can see I didn't give up, and of course, new readers having a great time checking it out, too!