Nepath on June 2, 2020

Found this old picture for an Energize idea that never came to be - much like everything I've tried to do with the comic since the first two story arcs.

Which leads me to the point of this post (for anyone still there). I am still doing some drawing and stuff, I have some creative ideas that I'm pursuing in my own time, but I am retired as far as Energize and TheDuck are concerned.

I've enjoyed everything I did on this site, Energize, Heroes Unite as well as many other collaborations, but I know I won't be returning to the comic now.

I have this week started to post some stuff on DeviantArt, so if you want to keep up with me, then follow me there. NEPATH ON DEVIANTART

If you get in contact with me there, I will give you a brief breakdown of how Energize: Black was supposed to play out.

There you can follow a new comic idea I'm developing called “Children of Elysium”, but who knows how far I will get with it.

So this is goodbye to Energize.

Goodbye to The Duck

And a final thanks for reading and commenting!