Issue 19-18 (End)

fukujinzuke on May 23, 2011

Edit 9/2011:

Edit 5/31/2011:
Well, I logged in, when to my surprise there was this big shell head on the left of my screen… so I thought… Did they re-format drunkduck so that I see my comic's icon on the top…? I was so confused because I never thought a finished comic gets featured, so I'm also quite grateful. Thanks for reading! Feature bumped the ddrank up to #18 overall.

Fukujinzuke before 5/30/2011
And that wraps things up here. Thanks to everyone who had followed and supported this webcomic through the years!

I'm a little shocked that it actually lasted this long considering this was originally just going to be a several-page origin comic.

SHELL has upcoming appearances on Heroes Alliance, so keep an eye out for those. I think Desperado will show up as well, though there might be some significant amount of time between now and when that happens.

Thanks to both Abt-Nihl and MrHades for expressing that this series should be feature-worthy. That truly meant a lot to me. No, SHELL never got it, but at least it went all the way up to rank no. 50 overall at it's best (August 2010), and the highest page-load count was 2,330 in a day, with 350+ unique readers. We're ending this series at rank no. (edit) 86 overall. Rock on.

Oh, and no, I'm not alluding to any future comics with that last panel.

. . . .

See you all at Heroes Alliance!