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Hello! My name is Laura and I am a relatively new comic artist. I remember reading webcomics in college, and over a decade later, finally trying to take a crack at it. I have always enjoyed art and writing, and writing comics is one way to combine these two hobbies. I work an unrelated full-time job, so I am cutting my teeth with a short-form strip with a posting goal of once a week.

Besides this, I enjoy crossword puzzles, reading, hiking, gardening, traveling (when not in a pandemic), and trying new foods. In the past couple of years, I have been trying to learn to SCUBA dive.

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Amy has been out of college 10 years, but hasn't met all the mile-markers of being a certified "adult." She's still single, renting, and hasn't seen a promotion in 5 years. Throw in a naughty kitty who tries to foil all attempts at success, and the adulting struggle is real! A comical look at first world problems, dating, pandemics, and more.
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Just a place to host doodles, fan art, and more related to The Duck.

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Hong Kong 2054: an escort android is framed for murder and hunted mercilessly

What would it be like if Dilbert was a gamer? A DRUNK DUCK AWARD WINNER

When angels come to Earth, killing them is a job for demons. For Savina and Nira, fighting angels from New York City to the cyberpunk streets of Sheol is business as usual. But things seem grim when an impossible portal threatens to shatter the barrier between Earth and Heaven. Judgment day is almost here, and these demons are the only hope for Earth and the worlds beyond, assuming they can bear the weight of their sins.

Can vampires love? Hitomi is in love with Hayate, a vampire. Hayate is extremely interested in Hitomi's "blue heart" but no one knows what his intentions are. Kokoro, Hitomi's best friend is obsessed with her. This has Hitomi in an internal struggle with her feelings. Should Hitomi make acquaintance with strangers? Read from right to left please! Warning: Mature content, blood, gore and adult situations.

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