Chapter 7: Feast. Page 124

Avart on July 22, 2018

Finally this chapter is starting.

The “stalker” was Hayate, the poor guy is so wounded after the battle with Kira. The strange thing is that his healing ability isn't working at all, but… why?

Anyway, he's in good hands. Well, Hitomi is a bit upset and her language show it clearly. Why Hayate asks about Hitomi's parents?

This chapter it's in an early development stage, and I don't want to rush things because I don't want to drop the drawing quality (I don't feel comfortable with some panels in this page) and drawing the entire body of the characters takes me more time than just drawing faces, which takes a lot of time too (mainly hair), this said, I hope to update next week as usual.

In an unnecessary tech data: This page is 800 x 30,000 px and the file size is 5 MB.

See you soon!