Avart on Nov. 21, 2020


I want to thank to all the people who supports me and my comic, really this is possible because of you.

I admit that I wasn't expecting to be alone in the Manga Category, because there are excellent mangas/manga style comics in this site.

Also, I recognize all the work done behind the DD AWARDS, @Bravo did such an amazing quantity of presentations, plus they're really good and funny.
That goes to OzoneOcean too, for giving us the opportunity to being here sharing comics and toughts. Niccea, Tantz Aerine, Banes, Kawaii, Emma, all the staff who give us advices to improve.

Bravo1102, Agentny003, Jason Moon, ReroOnyx, cdmalcolm1, GuyWithChainsaw, and all of the people who ocasionally leave a comment, a big THANK YOU for being patient for my late updates.

See you soon ;)