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Avart on Aug. 17, 2019


It's nice to be back (at least for now T_T)

As you can see, the two vampires from the first chapter are here again, the one with glasses is called Yurei (Ghost) and the bald one is called Oni (Demon/Ogre). Later I'll back them to life… through a flashback (they´re suppposed to be dead, isn't it?) showing their relationship with Hayate.

The last dialogue is because Kira (you remember her, do you?) is spreading some gossip among other vampires. Oh God, this is no good.

As for the last image, it was based on the manga Scumbag Loser, which is very strange and a bit confusing at first. It's completed and you may find it interesting.

Last but not least, I decided to show you the Hidden Chapter from “The Gloom”, but I'm kinda editing it to show it to you in the proper way (is a 3 year old chapter, and it isn't aged very well).
As I said before, The Gloom was intended to be a “one-shot”, thus, it had a final chapter. I'll upload it in a different comic so it won't confuse you while you're reading the main story.

I'll give you more details in further updates, so stay in touch.


PS. I forgot to mention that I post this thread showing you how I make my comic in the Webtoon format, please check it out ;)