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I live in Sweden, I have a head full of imagination that meanders a lot, and I make weird webcomics about anthropes, mutants, faries, aliens, robots and whatever else I can think of for mine, and perhaps even your, entertainmentšŸ‘

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  • Horror |
  • 7 pages |
  • last: Sept. 8 2020 |
Get ready for an insane, violent, unrelenting orgie on a small but horrible scale, as a team of poor bug exterminators tries to survive a simple cleanup job in an near-empty building, running into these small, but dangerous, creatures known as "Id-lings" and whatever else is lurking down the hallway.
  • Noir |
  • 42 pages |
  • last: Sept. 16 2020 |
This is the neo-noir story about Molly Lusc who is anything but an ordinary housewife. She's a bald, black, chain-smoking, mutant femme fatale with flippers, who blows bubbles eating soap and gets herself into a murderous situation that may end her marriage in a bloody disaster.

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When Adrienne receives a letter from her estranged father requesting she come to the small town of Barkham, she finds herself embroiled in the increasingly bizarre happenings that seem to be just part of everyday life. Strange figures stalk the woods, unexplained lights appear in the night skies, and something stirs beneath the foundations of old Brindle Hall.

On a cannibalistic planet where the inhabitants only food is each other, Saturno was on a losing streak in the survival of the fittest until he discovers the world of humans and creatures who want to become them.

Era of Iridore, is set in a world with both humans and anthropomorphic animals, as well as my own characters who is a race that's called dracoreas, or dragon nymphs. They try to live peaceful in a world full of danger, magic, monsters and conflicts of various degrees while not going extinct in the process. My comic is LGBTQ+ inclusive.

KerBop is bored in angel school, and decides to go through a portal to the cosmic void.

Everyone has challenges in life, but for Sako living as the world's only anthropomorphic stegosaurus provides unique ones. She finds happiness in her video streams as she tries to encourage people with good advice and kindness, but when life's struggles begin to mount and a dark secret in her city's shadows creeps out into the open, Sako must learn to overcome each challenge while also hoping to achieve what she assumes will be the impossible....catching the attention of a boy who she hopes doesn't mind the fact she's a living dinosaur.

Mutants, Robots, Societal Collapse

First storyarc of The Frolic called "Home" is a tale of a somewhat eponymous detective Frolik, who tries to stop a serial killer fixated on killing young parents. The case is far from solved as Frolik struggles with his own domestic issues, being cheated on and bullied by his wife.

An adult high-fantasy comic. 18+ years only. Follow Shen'vallen and her companions as they adventure through a strange world filled with sex, magic and danger!


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