The Octavo crew aka the Octos

Andreas_Helixfinger on April 12, 2024

Hey guys!

Been a very busy week. I've been working on the next page, but due to stuff at my day job, me starting a course to take a moped driver license and other projects it's gonna be delayed. So I'd thought that instead of leaving you guys hangin' I'd show you this piece I drew prior to the last page of the Octavo crew/Octos, or octopirates as I've been calling them - Mada, Crim and Jo Jo - that you've seen poppin' up in this comic lately.

They are star characters in my sea pirate comic Entide where they haven't been introduced yet, but they are characters that will in fact have future cameos both in this comic and some others. I feel really good about the results here. Really gave me a much more complete picture of the chimeer trio which I can't wait to introduce further in Endtide once we get to it. Til' next time.