Andreas_Helixfinger on May 28, 2020

Dear readers!

I'm making this update on a fly to announce that I'm currently putting this comic on a summer hiatus.

The reason for this is that I wanna focus as much of my energy as possible this summer on finnishing writing most, if not all, of the webcomic scipts that I got going.

I know I've said before that I was gonna boot up more comics while writing on the scripts, but I honestly feel now that I rather finnish as much of the writing as possible before doing so, so that I can focus all my energy on producing pages and updates.

I've also said before that I would never make a webcomic series, only one-shot webcomics, but you know what–there might perhaps be a little series around the corner after all, once I'm done writing, we'll just have to see😉

This hiatus will be up until the midst of september, around the date this comic first started, then we will pick up where we left off.

Until then I thank you all so much for reading this comic so far. You guys are the best👍 More is coming. I promise.