Page 8 - Mamaargh!!!

Andreas_Helixfinger on Nov. 12, 2023

The man in the hold gets dragged out of the hold by a monster of a mutant, leaving the biomorphs to silently consider escaping as they are disappointed on the costumer–I mean–cargo service of their designated ferry.

So yeah! I updated this one in the middle of an hiatus because I felt like it. To be honest I don't know if focusing on one single comic for the sake of faster progress is my cup of progress. I like to jump around in my sandbox, you know, not just stay in one corner of it the whole time. In one moment I may feel like doing noir and in the next I may feel like doing pirates, or something else that I got.

So, I think that's just how I'm gonna roll and forget about time and progress, mine or others. It's all about just creating and having fun in the end, isn't it? And you people reading this wanna see this story keep on rolling don't you?

So let's just roll, however and whenever. Til' next time. And it might be sooner then december;)