Pulsewarriors - The Great Altar

Andreas_Helixfinger on April 2, 2022

The entourage we saw a few pages back arrives at their destination and we are about to get a speech.

You're probably having some questions seeing this page and I will do my best to answer. Originally I was planning to upload this page I've been working on over the course of this week when I had this moment of brutal honesty coming to my mind.

See I have a lot of story to unpack into this webcomic bussiness and I cannot deny that I'm probably looking at hundreds if not thousands of pages that are all going to recquire many hours of work to put out. And I carry this fear that I'm not gonna have the time and energy to produce it all if I continue doing it all in sequential form. I was in fact for a moment this morning considering deleting Imsies and Endtide in order to make them into E-books instead to cut down time.

But then just this very afternoon I spent just a few hours creating this page that you see here from scratch. Which is more of a picture book format rather then a sequential art formst. And it is so much faster to make and unpacks more information to boot, just like a novel. Doing this allows me to return to my novelist sensibilities and combine them with the illustrative nature of comics.

I'm thinking about doing this format instead of what I've used before for this comic as well as Endtide and Phetishverses, the latter which is going to go through a change of format as well. So I'd like to hear what you guys think of it. Thus this new format feel like the thing for you like it feels for me?