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Hi there! After about 20 years of having Matriarch's main story rattling around in my mind, I'm beginning to share it with the world. Food scientist by day, author and artist by night, I am getting back in touch with the artist I was prior to taking a pause to have my children. I still work at a relatively slow-often interrupted- pace, but look for two pages each month. My goal is to eventually become fast enough to move to three for greater regularity in updates. I am also looking to learn and develop as I go, so please feel free to offer advice and constructive criticism if you have it! I use they/them pronouns; your pronouns will always be respected.

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Matriarch follows the life of royal Haldeina Muidemi ni Daarude through war and continental restructuring as they aim to pull their nation from long standing isolationism. As a teenager under male moniker Eidon, Muidemi is swept away in the political strife of the Belizios Empire. Estranged from their cousin, protected by their uncle, their agenda evolves as their eyes are opened to the larger world they intend to become a part of. This work is LGBTQIA+ with some fur. It is tagged 'fantasy' because I can only choose one genre for it, but it is a war story with depictions of life situations, graphic violence, romance, sexual content, language, drug use, and at times horror and fear. It is rated mature.

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Era of Iridore, is set in a world with both humans and anthropomorphic animals, as well as my own characters who is a race that's called dracoreas, or dragon nymphs. They try to live peaceful in a world full of danger, magic, monsters and conflicts of various degrees while not going extinct in the process. My comic is LGBTQ+ inclusive.

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