Bloodlust frontpage

Ryjia on Dec. 25, 2013

A comic! Jay! Today I post frontpage and page 1. After that I will update every tuesday and friday. It will be 24 pages long, so I will post the end somewhere in March.

This comic stands alone, but it is part of a much larger story. It can be concidered as chapter one. I hope that I have another story done by March so I can keep updating.

Where did this comic come from?
Well, I really wanted to participate in the 24 hour comic day, but I really cannot afford to take 24 hours and spend it only on comics. I have other obligations. When not schoolwork it's housework. Plus I am pretty sure I would be ill for a while if I would work/draw 24 hours straight.
So I cut the work into sizeable chunks of 8 hours. The plan 6 hours for script and storyboard plus 2 hours sketching (chunk 1) another 8 hours sketching (chunk 2) and then 8 hours inking (chunk 3). Alas, I had to take 8 hours for scripting and storyboarding and I smeared them out over a couple of days. Sketching took 10 hours and inking 8, so it took a bit longer. I did manage to get a comic done in 26 or something hours, so I think I did well. Though, after that, I really wanted to put some grays on it and while lettering I felt the need to enhance. This comic is the result.

The story? It's fantasy. I've had this universe and these characters mostly fleshed out in my brain. I just needed to put it on paper. Also I needed to pick my main character, which was rather hard, because there is a lot of cool characters with stories to tell. I ended up picking (young) Casey here. Ain't he cute?