Akakami Volume 1

StephODell on Nov. 9, 2007

Wow, okay, so here is something to keep you all preoccupied while I find a screentoner. xP I don't own any screentones, nor do I have knowledge of how to use them. I'd color every page, but jeez that'd be a pain. And I'd never update on time and whatnot.

Anyway, Here is the Cover for the First Book. The comic will be divided into books, which will be divided into chapters. For example, Book 1 will contain 4 or 5 chapters, depending on their length, and each chapter should hopefully be aproximately 53 or so pages (again, depending on length of chapter and content). That also includes splash and chapter divider pages. I'm planning this out in manga format, using my manga as reference (is currently holding FMA vol. 1 as reference).

The colored spread page for chapter one (a.k.a. pages 2 and 3) are finished, but page one still needs screentone, and is holding me up. Pages 4 and beyond aren't even drawn yet.

So don't worry…It's comming. By January, this comic will (hopefully) be up and running…I hope. ^^;