pandapandapie on Jan. 21, 2008

So I figured I'd get on here and explain why I haven't made any comics for several months just in case someone reads this, which probably won't happen.

I pretty much got unbelievably sick of making comics on the computer. I've been working on a new comic which will be completely hand drawn, which was actually my intention for this when I started out. The differences between then and now, though, is that now I have access to a scanner because my college has ones in their computer lab and I already have more than thirty comics drawn up.

I probably won't start putting them up until I have a few more, and I'll probably insert new ones here and there as topical ideas come up that I want to post right away, so that should last me quite a while. So pretty much, even if I never draw another comic, I'll still be updating for several months.

So that's pretty much it. If you were a fan of Almost Art, thank you for reading. You made me feel funny (funny “haha” not funny “ew”).