whiteshaix on Sept. 11, 2019

This page needs some explanation. First panel: Firenne has an awfully patriarchal culture. Helyss is 23, but Firennian women are considered underage until they're 32. Legal age on Anthira is 18, by the way.
Last panel: Prince Nilcrane calls his future bride using Firennian naming conventions. Her brother's name + -nania. Since the guy's name is Hasselon, she becomes Hasselonania. She replies with “Kranny” just to annoy him. Ravarilda is a Firennian title, meaning “King's daughter”.

Special guests: we have 2, both in the first panel. The blond is Sebastian Roz, from Timelapse11's The Underground Empire.
The green guy is the Supreme Commander of Jeima, from apool's The Seven Deadly Wishes.

Finally, many, many thanks to my sister who created the most horrifically complicated outfits EVER. Firennian fashion is her contribution. If my updates are slow, you know who's to blame. Luckily I have only one more page of engagement party to draw.