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Dynamo on Aug. 11, 2007

Hi, my name is Dynamo, or Tylor as you may find out further into the comic. I've been waiting two months for Drunkduck to varify my account so I can post this comic. Now that I can I hope you will enjoy it.

Let me tell you a little about the comic itself. It started off as something me and my sister decided to work on together. The actual comic is located at At this site my sister and I made two story arcs showing the story of both Amber and Dynamo seperately. Since I got fed up with waiting for her to post new comics (Which is the equivilant of waiting for Hell to freeze over) I decided to post my comic on this site.

This first episode is one done by my sister. This and the next two were posted in both of our story arcs back at piczo to introduce the comic. It's not funny in any way, and I personally think it sucks, but it's needed in order to understand then next episode.