A word to from the wise, or to the wise.

Nigellashade on June 23, 2009

Dearest DD Community… It's Nigellashade.

Usualy I do bring a page fully colored. But cause of my daily life taking time away my personal passion, I'm updating a non-colored page.
Cause of too much time drawing ,and re-drawing backgrounds.. it's the most time consuming part, of an artists creative view.
However this page is different from the rest, the background was actually done in 3d.
I do have the scene in full colored skinned, but because my comp can only handle so much render power.. I can only take a simple camera view screenshot.
I take the render shot and then use photoshop, to only focus on the outlines of the structures.
To make a 3d render look like a sketch effect.
The origional sketch look (without the characters added).. I saw the reflect off the polished counters.
(But your unable to see it in this page) ^o^;;
However everything was drawn, way before the 3d re-creation was done.
Actually it was better to create a angle I would have difficulty drawing from different views.
As for character modeling *which I was doing on a side, for a project for someone I knew*..
I really don't have the funding to fully render a character. My computer would crash if I tried to render a high resolution version of my creations.
*That's with skins, and Maya hair*
So here you go, hope you like this update. And love and *Angelic Hugs* to all of you.

And to my lovely editor and friend, Jen. We admire, and adore you so much.
You've been there for me & my family, Thank you so much for seeing it through.

Have a lovely evening.. ^__^