Fan Comic: Ersatz and the Ants!

antcomics on Sept. 11, 2007

When I first came to Drunkduck, I somehow stumbled onto the Unitary Authority of Ersatz, an off-the-wall comic about two blobs' adventures…I was instantly hooked. Ersatz, in turn, came back and looked through my comics, quickly converting into an ‘Antperson’ and has been one of my most faithful readers since.

So… as a big ‘thank you’ for that, and for making a fantastic comic that just cracks me the heck up every time, I submit to you “Ersatz and the Ants”, wherein T.P. Wigwam and Kip have moved into the Ants' neighborhood (I just love drawing the Ants' cute lil' suburbian house). The Ants, being the swell gents they are, invite them in for dinner…could it be the Last Supper? Haa!!

Please, if you haven't already, check out Ersatz's Super fun land of Blobs, Dysentery, and much, much more here:

Also–as mentioned with my last submission, Antcomics is up for critique if you so desire here: