acadia on June 13, 2007

Applied Living makes its triumphant return!

Epic! Exhilarating! Vociferous! Splendiferous! Verdant! Strident! Scintillating! Prismatic!

And, as always (at least on my part), stupid and underachieving. Nonetheless, we're going to shellack and shellshock Lazarus with a serendipitous resurrection of our own.

Basically, Dave and I met with heavy resistance and native unrest in the form of other projects (and for me, exploitation at the hands of Applebee's): The Flammarion, and Id, Pedestrian Protection, Mediocre Militia. Write those names down, because they are the future. Or Google them and be rewarded with artistic ambrosia.

We've rethought a few things. Shaun and Dave are going to be the focus of the strip from now on. The other characters will make cameos here and there, but they'll be held to minor roles. We're going to try and improve on the humor and the content, and try to make each individual strip a little more dialogue intense, and the comic on a whole a little more story-based.

So, now that Applied Living is retooled, we hope that the changes don't WRENCH your heart and soul. We're not trying to SCREW you over, or anyone, nor are we trying to HAMMER you with inconsistency. We just want this to be the best possible; we want to NAIL it.



EDIT: Your demands have been met: the old Applied Living. Now please return the hostages.