Crossoverkill Overkill

theRedDeath on March 21, 2011

This same (Well almost the same, I fixed some mistakes last minute) page was put up on Crossoverkill yesterday, but for those of you who are strictly fans of Bad Guy High, I thought I'd put it up here for your benefit too.

As well as point out that I am in fact alive and well.

Al blew the whistle on Crossoverkill that my computer had broken down for a while there. I was going to just leave you guys thinking I was busy working away at the buffer for BGH's final leg, but there you go.

But anyway, yes the computer is back up and running and I'll be back to finishing off BGH soon enough. In the meantime you can enjoy this monster of a page, and in a few days I'll put up a numbered version with a list of all the characters.

EDIT: Since DD's crash I decided to just remove the “numbered” version of this page because it was kind of an ugly eye-sore, and leave up the standard version for a while.

But for those of you who are still interested in having a master-list of the characters here's the numbered countdown of who's in the picture(You'll just have to FIND them yourselves):

The idea of this picture was to just use alumni from Crossoverlord and CrossoverKill, with few exceptions.

1: Ultra from “Point Guardian”
2: ANT from “Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T.”
3: Io from “Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T.”
4: Night-Carver “CrossoverKill” original
5: Red from “Dasien”
6: Pilli from “Pilli Adventures”
7: Paco from “Pilli Adventures”
8: The Knight from “Majestic Knight”.
9: Captain Perfect
10: Syko Suki “CrossoverKill” original
12: Hoodoo from “Magellan”
13: Mindmistress from “Mindmistress”
14: Kid Apocalypse “CrossoverKill” original
15: Yaoi Boy “CrossoverLord” original
16: Grasshopper from “Fusion”
17: SuperpowerGirl
18: Darkbringer from “Lightbringer”
19: Legend from “Energize” and “Heroes Unite”
21: Energize from “Energize”
22: Pink Flash from “Mechagical Lisa A.N.T.”
23: Yuuki from “Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki”
24: Vector “CrossoverKill” original
25: Tazer from “Energize” and “Heroes Unite”
26: Nemesis from “Energize” and “Heroes Unite”
27: SuperDan….never heard of him.
28: Epoch from “Magellan”
29: Captain Stupendous from “Fusion”
30: Red Robot from “Explodingdog” and made famous in “Diesel Sweeties”.
31: Purple Flashlight
32: SensatiaGal
33: Lightbringer from “Lightbringer”
34: Jasmine Jet (From Bad Guy High, but some of you might not remember her.)
35: The Brooder from “Fusion”
36: Thatman
37: Thermo from “Fusion”
38: Chant “CrossoverKill” original
39: Green Avenger from “The Green Avenger”
40: Fusion from “Fusion”
41: Goldie from “Dasien”
42: Bombshell from “Bombshell” and “Heroes Unite”
43: Dasien from “Dasien”
44: Beachhead? (I thought her name was “Phantom Pain” when I drew this. I guess that's just the title of the story only) from “Bombshell”
45: Two generic Vector goons
X: The Justice League fighting the Avengers.