Beardlegs and Twee on a ship lost at sea

zaneeba_slave on July 6, 2012

This is the first installment of an epic adventure tale written and drawn by me, Zaneeba_slave! It will update… sometimes.

I mean… I have a very busy job… and this is more of a hobby… so… It'll be updated eventually.

It's a little hard to explain my plans for this comic. It'll hopefully be pretty funny, pretty adventurous, and a little weird. ALL THE BEST STUFF!

In the next episode, we'll meet our two main characters: Beardlegs and Mr. Twee. When you meet these fine gentlemen, you'll notice something you may not have EVER seen in other webcomics! They are ugly and fat! That's right. Our main characters are hideous fat guys. Not only that, but they're pretty terrible at everything. If this wasn't the case, this wouldn't be a very good adventure, would it?