Kitchen page 01

bravo1102 on Aug. 13, 2020

A couple of pages back Joyce popped out for a “fag”. With the sister stuff in the laundry room out of the way– Bren heads up stairs to the kitchen.

This is where the cigarettes and ashtray come in. I found a bunch of the generic wall boards and doorways made way back for Attack of the Robofemoids and used them. Glad I kept them, the wife had pushed me to get rid of the set flats after I use them. Still sorry I got rid of all the stuff from Interstellar Blood Beasts I really could have used that forG.O.O.B but I muddled through.

More behind the scenes stuff about the people behind the boobs– I mean movies that Belle will soon be making. Joyce played a cockney soldier way back in Mask of the Aryans. According to the timeline that won't be for over a dozen years after this, so before that she was a crew member doing make-up and hair. Why not.

It's all going to be an ensemble thing.