After Awards party: Willy and Cecilia

bravo1102 on Feb. 18, 2019

I've been in and witnessed plenty of crazy relationships. I've often marveled at how couples often have their own language. And I've always wanted to portray various types of relationships.

Willy and ‘Ceel (pronounced like “Seal”) are semi-autobiographical. But then so are Sam and Trisha. There will be no one “Bravo1102” among the cast instead there’ll be Willy and Sam. I am a bit of a polymath with a wide variety of experience so there's enough to go around, especially if I add in the “what-if” and “might-have-been”.

Cecilia's crazy sister is “Nocturna” a character created by Jerrie in his wonderful VOE comic. She'll get a first name and be a random character. After all, occasionally Trisha or Belle might need someone killed. It's a tough business. And there are enough combat experts in the cast to keep even Nocturna in check. Now the two sisters share the last name “Nocturna” which is Italian. There is Cecilia and Susanna. I knew a “Crazy Susan” so it's perfect for Nocturna. Cecilia is the one on the meds, who used to be as crazy as her little sister, but is recovering.

So that'll make three crazy redheads in the cast.

But two are trying to get help.

And some eccentricities show up in the costuming.

Just enjoy and who knows if there'll be more. There's another strip done and we'll be going back to Belle. It'll jump around a little going from character to character. After all Trisha and Burt have to get back and Searsha has to eventually finish singing and come in–

It was a long night. ;)