G.O.O.B. page 16

bravo1102 on Oct. 15, 2018

Being a tentacle groping organic brain can be tiring, so G.O.O.B. needs to recharge. The stands had been pointed out when they first boarded the ship.

It's not vital to the story but it should be mentioned that this ship is being towed by the crew's salvage ship which is in auto-pilot. The crew is enjoying the luxuries this much larger ship has to offer while also cataloging the contents. Then this little fellow found them.

A little hint as what's to come, look at Celeste in the last panel. The speech bubble only having two points is intentional.

Go check out the Drunk Duck awards. Especially today's Best Science fiction presentation. Some of the G.O.O.B. cast members are presenters! And you get a glimpse at what the G.O.O.B. was. It was a puppet as well as CGI. Back in the day live-action hentai did some tentacle rape/grope bits that are just classic in how awful and obvious the puppets and effects were. To me some were good stories that really tried hard to emulate their anime counter-parts. See the Angel of Darkness series for an example.