G.O.O.B page 31

bravo1102 on Dec. 13, 2018

Now why were they all taken over so easily but kill it so readily now? Because they're fighting it together. The five of them together are more than a match for it.

That was Astra's plan. Get them all captured one by one so they'd all be in one place to confront it after she had caused a temporary shut down through over stimulation.

This story was done with the barest of outlines and practically no dialogue written. I can see right through it. Some bits were really a struggle to put together. Now I'm having trouble getting it to end. I have a ton of spare shots so there will be some behind the scenes stills with the cast.

Thanks to all of the readers out there who keep reading. You keep me going. ;)

This story was me playing around with techniques. I liked putting together the monster totally in Photoshop. It was interesting to do the all the wardrobe in Photoshop as well and just shooting the figures nude. Might make for some interesting change-ups in future. There may be more drawn effects and outfits in future as well as digital shading. Constantly playing.