G.O.O.B. page 7

bravo1102 on Aug. 13, 2018

Another page of jumbled dialogue as Astra, Lunella and Celeste consider their actions. The second panel shows Hevia down in the bowels of the ship trying to restore the ship's internal systems.

El Cid's article about the reality of light sabers inspired the whole bit with the plasma torch. Interstellar occupational safety don't you know. Also the whole point of salvaging a ship is to do it with minimal damage. If you gut the whole thing and tear down systems; the insurance company won't pay off.

Big Hearty thanks to all of you who voted for this comic. It got nominations!

And I got nominations for stuff? Huh?

I'd like to know what I did. For that one! Tantz and ozoneocean did stuff! Improved the site and set up twitter and I sort of just was. The Taoist community achievement award. Bravo just is.

Two updating comics at once and me working more hours than ever! And all the figures are out an about all over the place as the whole Sword of Kings cast is reassembled. And two big roles to cast. I also realized that I have so many figures that I really can use a whole bunch of unused figures for this and still keep others for their parts elsewhere. I no longer have to have tons of costume changes as a character goes from comic to comic. Except Belle of course and maybe her sisters.