After Awards party: Angie and Carmen page 2

bravo1102 on May 12, 2019

What is a party without a fight?

Someone got sick, now a fight has broken out.

You know if you lay the camera just right along the axis of an extended army you can get “forced” perspective. The hand will look noticeably larger without any intervening arm.

As I've said before, for action shots I try to go for the extreme limits of motion to maximize the impact of the image. That often works out to be the point of impact.

And Trish's husband may be a deputy sheriff, but he is smart enough not to get in the middle of a fight. There are a lot of real fight powerhouses in Trisha and Belle's repertoire company. Some started out as stunt players and moved into acting. Trisha can be that demanding.

And Carmen seems to have landing the winning blow in that last panel.