Beloved Suki

Kennedia on Dec. 23, 2010

Yay! A title page! Sorta….not all the characters are on here sadly and I havn't begun making any pages yet because i'm not confident enough with my drawing ): but basically Beloved Suki is about a girl or “Earth Protector” and a lot happens in her past as her other half turns evil and locks itself away in attempt to not taint Suki's human side. She finds a new world but as it crumbles she must find a way to save her new world. There's so much more that im too lazy to explain but I guess that's as basic as I can get :\ grrr sorry about this I promise its a good story WAH Dx anyways im not sure when i'll start updating could be FOREVER D8< so my apologiez T~T oh yeah and the title I got from searching up a japanese name that meant “Beloved” and it said Suki so idk if its right but I guess the real title means BELOVED BELOVED XD whatever lolz tell me what you think please? :D