BBF page 14

denji on Sept. 30, 2006


what's this…? AN UPDATE?! WTF?! OAO///!!!

yes, i;m sorry for not updatign in so lpong ^^; bascily i ran out of pens >again< plus, this was a hard page to dra.w..i wanted to make it climatic and wasn't sure how to pull it off…I'm still not sure. Anywya, evne tohugh it has nos peech or whateve.r..I hope it's a good page; Thankyou for all the kind comments everyone!! I loves you all too much!!! ~////~!!

I'm goign to do a page for tommrow as well (hopefuly) to amke up for lost time…can you bleive it, this epsidoe os FINALLY almost over! XD;