Between Kingdoms 1

denji on Nov. 4, 2007

Heeeey… I've returned with a new comic…!

It came to me in bits and bobs. it's not ‘long’ but not ‘short’ probably 40-50 pages, maybe a bit more :>

Uuuh let's see… it's based on many things, and I don't know if you'd get it unless you knew me very well xD but i hope it's enjoyable.

over all, this is a comic i want to try ‘greywash’ with~ Bdecause my PC has a lack of screentone..i hope i pull of greywash okay.. *is worried* My art is shitty too .__. but I hope you enjoy it.

Thje first ‘part’ of this comic's idea was based on a Video/song by ‘My Chemical Romance’- Please, please watch it!!—->

I don't care if you love or hate the music, you have to admit their videos are visually stunning =)

that's all…i babble a lot it means the comic will make more sense :S…