Othosmops on July 11, 2024

Panel 1:
GISELLE (french): Oh, you're back! And you speak French!
VILIS (french): Barely.
GISELLE (russian): Did you make it to 9G?
VILIS (russian): We didn't have a choice. If you'll excuse me.

Panel 2 (russian):
IVAN: So, are you feeling better?
GISELLE: As you can see. I'm fully relaxed.
IVAN: But you shouldn't crumble so much. There are uninvited guests here.

Panel 3 (russian):
GISELLE: ‘o are zey? What are zey? Mice?

Panel 4 (russian):
IVAN: I have something else that’s important. Your ESA boss wants to speak to you via smartphone. In a safe place.
GISELLE: And where is a safe place ‘ere?
IVAN: In your quarters. After you deactivate the room surveillance.
GISELLE: It's activated by default?!
IVAN: Yes, of course! We're on Mars here, in a way. Terrible things can happen to us. Sandstorms, leaks in the cladding. Fire. You can't just run out of the station when you're looking for shelter.