Othosmops on May 28, 2023

Panel 1 (russian):
BELLA: Help! They kicked me out!
GISELLE: Why do people always run into my room here unannounced and catch me naked in bed?
BELLA: The medical team. So actually Dr. Yaroslavsky, canned me Because of disintegrating statements. I guess that means what I said to the commissar!
I am suspended as a sergeant and shall return to the surface. This is a death sentence!

Panel 2 (russian):
GISELLE: Zere's not much we can do … since ze security cameras filmed you escaping ‘ere, Zey'll search everyzing ‘ere first.
LENNARD: No, they're not recording anything. I put in fake frames when I saw Sgt. Yegorovna coming.

Panel 3 (russian):
GISELLE: Zen we will keep you ‘ere for ze time being, before we zink of somezing better. But you must ‘ide. Best ‘ere in bed under ze covers!
BELLA: Okay …
LENNARD: I need to recharge! See you later.