Othosmops on Dec. 4, 2023

Panel 1 (russian):
Day five of Giselle's stay at the IMMP hospital …
LENNARD: Lt. Semyonovna coming!
GISELLE: Get out of bed! ‘ide!

Panel 2 (russian):
ROSINA: Good morning!
GISELLE: Yes, zenks! Knocking would ‘ave been nice, too.
ROSINA : Oh, sorry!

Panel 3 (russian):
ROSINA: I hereby inform you that your stay in the hospital will end tomorrow. Before you enter the training environment and prepare for your stay in Mars in isolated conditions, you must testify as a witness at the trial against Major Petrovich.

Panel 4 (russian):
GISELLE: Oh! Should I appear zere in zis getup, or may I pyt on somezing fancy, belly-baring from my backpack?
ROSINA: Because of this question and others, you will have a visit from Mrs. di Domenico in about an hour.