Othosmops on Jan. 30, 2023

Panel 1 (russian):
GISELLE: believe me: I really wouldn't mind a proper nightgown instead of zat rag!
And besides, a nice robe wouldn't be bad either.

Panel 2 (russian):
ARTEM : No way! The reason the patient doesn't have any casual clothes is because she's not allowed to leave her hospital room, damn it. Her wounds need rest to heal!

Panel 3 (russian):
GISELLE: You can't do zis, lieutenant! You ‘ave ze job of protecting me, and zis rapist was zreatening me just seconds ago, and I quote: ‘e announced to fuck me braindead.
ROSINA: No one lays a finger or something else on my protégé (except me), are we clear!?
And you, Gavril, get this lady here one of those nurse shirts, pronto!
GAVRIL: К вашим услугам, лейтенант! (At your service, Lieutenant!)