Othosmops on March 28, 2024

Panel 1:
BORIS (russian): You have 15 minutes left. That's pretty sporty if you really want to pass. So go ahead, slip through the passage and hurry through the tunnel to the Room of Overcoming!
GISELLE : Why all this torment and humiliation for a journey of no return? Why not just break up? In my backpack are Sanimort doses for three splendid departures from this misery … aw, zut!
I won't give up now. Not now of all times!

Panel 3 (russian):
GISELLE: Oh, really? And you mean ZEt's where my body fits Zrough ZEt gap?
BORIS (via headset): The crucial thing is that your water tank fits through.
And it does - just barely.

Panel 4 (russian):
GISELLE: ‘ow long is it to zet last, weird room, Sgt. Pervert?
GISELLE: … ‘ey! Why don't you answer?