Happy 100 pages Toshubi!!

Toshubi on June 22, 2007

I wasn't able to fit everyone I wanted into the page. But here are all the ones I could get squeezed in…
Eve from Angels of Shadows
Eric from Nightmistress
Aisha from System Error
Happy & Emo from Happy and Emo
Tsuki from Kitty Land
Krensada from Farmillia
Betty and Daniel from Sexy Bouncin Oppai Troopers
Leo from Cuatro & the Zylonian Knights
Saturno from Deamon Eater
Sho & Kye from The Everyday Life of Sho & Kye
Robot Chuck from Robot Chuck
Valavor from Metapolis
Neko Light Cat from Rival Love
Rakina from Rakina
Zeilig & Miyoko from Salimah
Corpse Commando from Villians Unlt.
Slim Red Ninja from Slim Red Ninja
Liartes from Elemental Revolution
Tyalor & Chase from Casmajor Druids
Alixixi from The Story of Setar
MOrgan from MOrgan Art
Wheels & his Zeplin from Magical Misfits
Steve from Life and Death
Wolfy from Wooly Thinking
Bird & Worm from Bird and Worm
Blitty & Boo from MMM Boogers
Kam's Trunk from The Kamics
Warmwind from Life With Dragons
Super Maths Beaver from The Adventures of Super Maths Beaver
Dragon zilla from Dragonzilla's Artboard
Max, Evil Twig, & Mr. Stabby in thier stolen road trip car from Mildly Mundane
Ickus (No comic)
I know there are others I missed, I'll get you guys in next time.