Halloween caper 06

Toshubi on Oct. 3, 2008

Whew! Another page up.
This page was supposed to go up on thursday and the next page was supposed to go up yesterday.
I tell ya, I have a new found respect for comic artists like Fes, KAM, and Ron who can make and post thier pages in less than a day or two. How the hell do you guys do it!?!?

Anyways, The next page should be up by tomarrow (All it needs is color and lettering.) And it will be the first page in my part of the Halloween caper that has cameos.

Ok, I'm resting now. (Oooh my aching head!)

Oh I almost forgot…
The “Death Watch” at the bottom of the page is a little something I stole from the movie Escape from New York. You see, Toshubi has suffered a zombie bite. And in keeping with the George Remero zombie rules, once a victim has been bitten it's only a matter of time before the victim turns. Toshubi unknowingly has one hour to live.
(Hey! It is Halloween after all!)