A Jaunty Tune!

MetalLuigi on July 16, 2010

You can never tell whether Bob does or doesn't like Froggy. I think it's safer to just assume that he has a grudge against everything on Earth and flip-flops from liking to not liking.

Anyway, some news! I might be switching to a Mon/Wed/Fri and possibly Sat schedule for Bob. Doing a daily schedule like I did at the beginning of this week was fun, but I've got some other comics projects I'd like to work on so this will give me some time to focus on some of those.

Comment responses:

RedCast15: Only the blob's superior science could invent something so magnificent!

machinehead: Yup, there's nothing quite like Bob's cutting device here on Earth! I bet it would make all our jobs easier if we could invent something like that.

To everyone: Thanks for reading and commenting!