The Adventures of Bofonce Mann in the Land of the Mopes

Palouka on Aug. 8, 2018

This is the front cover and first page to my graphic novel. I printed the first edition to be released at last years Rose City Comic Con. Unfortunately the printer missed deadline and I was there with no product.(Live and Learn).Bofonce was originally created during my high school days and was just recently resurrected after a long sleep. He’s the same Bofonce, it’s just a different world.
As for me, I am an artist who has published some individual strips in several small newspapers and work currently with a syndicate on a piece by piece basis. I have exhibited my fine art in national galleries in NYC, SF, and other cities.
The world of web-art is new to me and unfamiliar. Nonetheless, I plan to delve in and journey forth. I hope my audience finds the work entertaining. Positive feedback is always welcome.

Daryl Frank
Aka Lyrad Knarf