Sorry Drawing

Mr Baker on Nov. 10, 2008

Still no computer folks :(
My friends at college are bugging me to update my comic, but because I can't I did this 2 seconds drawing to shut them up for a day or two… I'm going to guess that they will be reading this any time soon so I might as well name them… Ben, Sid, Max, Harry… And yes, even you Jamie… (and probably more) Stop telling me to update dammit! Oh look, I mentioned your names over the Internet… What you going to do about it?! Oh yes… and you Scott my Scottish Friend… Hello :D
I also want to say sorry to all my internet fans out there (if there still are any out there…) and I'm working on getting my computer fixed any time soon… but don't get your hopes up too early

Yes I have wrote quite a bit… But I'm aloud… I haven't typed anything on DrunkDuck in weeks!