Boner And Punkin The Origins Part VI

StewWriter on Jan. 26, 2008

Here it is guys, the long-awaited original first comic, last. Yep. That means exactly what it says. I saved the very first comic I ever drew for the last of this group. I'm so kooky! So, after my discombobulation the other day and a slew of lovely return comments (thanks, guys and gals) I have decided to Post the first in what will become, at least for the time being, The New SUNDAY Strip format. I will be doing hand-drawn, full-effort, outstanding artwork (insert own-horn tooting here)Sundays. I'm just too bust the rest of the week right now to do regularly-drawn comics so the old format will hang on, for now, on Thursdays as it has been… well, was a while ago. So, to recap: Old and busted: Thursdays; New Hotness: Sundays. Ok, we now return you to your regularly scheduled comments section. Enjoy!