the end

weirdwolfoflondon on March 24, 2010

Every time I came up with an idea for a web comic, I'd have some long story in mind. I'd just keep spending who knows how long thinking how the entire story would play out, never quite having every piece in place, and eventually giving up on it after drawing only a few rough pages because I suddenly got a new idea that interested me even more. This has been going on for several years before I finally posted my first comic! For said comic, I decided to keep it simple. I'll just take two pre-existing character designs from a unrealized story(a favorite practice of mine), just have them wait for the bus, have them bring up stuff that happened off page, and have romance bloom from that. I figured it might last somewhere around fifty pages, maybe seventy five if I'm really lucky.

That said, just where did this this hundred and twenty six page epic complete with a growing cast, anachronisms, flash backs, a fantasy side story, and a poorly executed goose chase climax come from? Well, even though I started with a simple concept, I still kept spending hours trying to figure out how the whole darn thing should play out, and how I could keep things interesting! Afterall, I wanted to keep my own attention, let alone my reader's!

Pesonally, I'm pleased by how this all turned out. How it walked the fine line between ‘amusing’ and ‘dumbfounding’. And I didn't mind the fact that there were people who actualy enjoyed what I was doing. That's usualy a good sign.

Well, I'd to thank you all for reading, and those who commented. Hopefully most of you'll join me for the next story I start.