FallenAngels on Feb. 6, 2007

TIME FOR ADVERTISING! alright ladies and germs i'm going off for a while all the way to VA. It's different since i'm from south carolina. Anyway There is this chat program called ‘'The Palace’' I enjoy it cause people are cool on it anyway. Download it if you don't have anything better to do. Www.thepalace.com or for you picky people www.bhlabs.com or net Idunno. goto the server Heavenfortheunwanted.ipalaces.org port 9997 Ask for .::YunYun::. Thats me but I may be gone lol. Anyway here is your filler I guess ta ta loves.OH yeah any people who want to get to know me email me on lulu29570@hotmail.com or just msn me. I talk to anyone. Later babydolls!