#60: Voyeurism and subterfuge make a beautiful couple

Vagabond on May 16, 2007

So just a few minutes ago, I looked down on my shirt and realized that I still had a pink “Breast Cancer awareness” ribbon from well over a month ago. Now, while I support breasts every way I can, (especially through the use of double entendres) I decided that there's only so long that a man can wear pink. And it was past due.

But as I'm removing the little ribbon-shaped sticker from the shirt, I'm noticing some gunky residue. Not being the first time that I've been in a sticky situation, (especially through the use of double entendres AND puns) I threw the shirt into the wash.

You'd think that would be where the story ends, but it isn't. Y'see, I just checked on it. And somehow, the sticky residue has now covered the entire shirt with a thin coat of “Screw you, you ain't wearing this shirt again” junk. So here I am, at a quandary. On one hand, I'm sure that I've never been the best guy to stop stuff from getting dirty. (especially through the use of… yeah, you get it) On the other hand though…

… Am I the only one seeing the irony in getting clothing cancer from a Cancer Awareness ribbon?