dcole on March 15, 2009

I've been wondering for a while, since I saw Watchmen actually, what other comic book properties can I look forward to seeing in theaters. Here's a short list:

X-Men: Origins - Wolverine
Iron Man 2
The First Avenger: Captain America
The Avengers
Spider-Man 4 (though after 3, I might pass)
The Losers
Batman 3
Green Lantern
Sin City 2 (hopefully Frank Miller will stay out of the directorial process)
The Goon (which makes me want to finally read it)
Green Hornet

And after all that, I have to wonder, is Supermax (the Green Arrow prision movie) still going to be made?

In other, more related-to-the-comic news, I have decided to yield to the almighty Facebook - where people who read my jarbled mess of digital brush strokes and nonsensical words can congregate and, perhaps, socialize. Follow the address: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carbon-and-Space/69540622805