Sei on July 15, 2011

Well, looks about time for my one page annual update 8D. *shot* The draft for this page has been sitting on my HD for well over a year lol… ._. *cries in a corner*. So a couple days ago, I edited it, changed it up a bit, and had it done. Pretty simple, and yes, I cheated and copied the school from a few pages back. Bah, laziness to the max. I'll have to redraw and make the school look better anyhow :/.
It was a coincidence that DD's new server was all ready, and my new page was also ready to post. So really, this was a calling! D:
I've been pretty inspired lately, been drawing a bit and such, did a collab picture with someone, turned out pretty well too. I'm happy D:!
I know I'm rambling to myself because NO ONE IS NO LONGER READING THIS. Double negative? Guhh…