Powder Rune on Oct. 30, 2007

When hatred and prejudice gets so far as this, you have to wonder: who here is the real monster?

Happy Halloween! And yes, that is Rune holding a dead Dsan werewolf in her arms. I was inspired by Michelangelo's Pieta.

Don't be shocked by the new style here. For a long time I've been trying to detach myself from a curse, and with my new art class I've finally got a grip on what I should be doing. CoM's main stories will remain anime/manga-ish, but all of these outside illustrations may not be :3

Rant// I hate using my comic as a place to complain, but recently my family has been so nonsupporting and indifferent that I cannot even concentrate on schoolwork let alone artwork in the comfort of my own home. The arguments with them have been extremely stressful, and I have found myself in tears several times a week. The most frustrating thing is that their vision of me is skewed. Even after having proved my aptitude in academics, they have found “other reasons” to oppress me. I only say this because I do not see a reason for the treatment–not because I'm angsty and spoiled and hate the world >_> Hope ya'll understand; you're all open-minded people.

Eat lots of candy today~