Jonko on May 18, 2009

A quick/late update. I just couldn't get myself to shade those curtains in the back!!! (I hate my backgrounds because they take so long and then look terrible anyway). I'm considering busting out 400 dollars (US) this summer to go to a short term manga school That's for 5 classes. I wonder if it will be a waste… I feel like if it's in Japan though, even if the course sucks I'll be twice as good by the end of it (coz they're so damn good!).

But for now I must focus my attention on China. Apparently my Chinese is getting much better! I'm actually having conversations with some people now!!!

Oh yeah but about the page… So yeah Lui obviously has some family issues that she needs to sort out. I guess she's a legacy of sorts though. No one would be able to head their own squad at age 16 unless they were the daughter of the director. So unfair. I love drawing pages like this where Lui's the victim though! Expect more torturing!!!

Saillestraife: Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad you like it!

Theskunktrainer: Thanks for the comment. I'm actually pretty pleased with how that panel came out too :p

Aghammer: Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to get into the CSA. The prerequisite is to get into a crazy place called Jonko's mind. If you're willing to do that I'm sure they can find a spot for you!

Emily Elizabeth: Glad we're favoriting all of each other's comics! Can't wait to see more of your work!

usedbooks: Thanks for commenting!