153 - A Christmas Gift

Hogan on Dec. 24, 2017

Hey All

I hope this comes as a confirmation that neither we nor the comic is dead… far from :)
The last many months have been pretty hectic for both Ron and I, mostly workwise and familywise, but at the time of writing we are working on the comic which will resumre updating as soon as Ron has mastered the art of Steampunk!

In the meantime we'll look in on the crew here at Christmas time. As you might remember, the Crew had a accidental falling out with Santa two years ago, which means… no presents for them! (except for Mike who got a sweater…). Not only that, but Scale is really starting to miss Idries, her boyfriend whom she met during their trip through YAFGC earlier this year.
However, Scale's Aunt Aggie somehow noticed her niece's misery and… send her a special gift :)

And now, as Scale said… Merry Christmas everyone!

See you all next year to more C&C shenanigans!

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