Chapter 1: DEATHTRAP!

alschroeder on Oct. 9, 2010

Beautiful cover by Aisaku–check out his deviantart page– and coloring by Neil of DASIEN. Aisaku also does the art for HERO ACADEMY which is written by Ben Carver the author of MAJESTIC KNIGHT and POINT GUARDIAN.

Dasien will have an–uhhh, extended cameo, and Neil is very much involved with CROSSOVERKILL, as he was with CROSSOVERLORD. He wanted to comment, too…

“Well, folks, here we go again!

”Ai asked for me to color this wonderful cover page. I took the opportunity to play around with some of the brush tips in Photoshop to simulate different textures of fabric. I wanted Hoodoo to have a heavy knit look while giving Yuuki a lighter fabric. Captain Perfect, Mystic Knight, Energize, and Fusion all have different variations of latex, with Mystic Knight's being the heaviest and with the dullest light bounce. And Mindmistress, of course, has a lot of heavy contrast to give it some metallic properties, although I toned it down a little here.

“My involvement is, at this time, limited to this opening chapter. I'll be sitting this adventure out. I've made myself available by special request for a limited number of pages, so you may see me pop up from time to time.

”The first page goes up on Tuesday. Don'tcha dare miss it!" —Neil.

What he said. —Al