Chapter 1, Page 4

alschroeder on Oct. 18, 2010

Done by Neil of DASIEN. He's also doing Thursday's update, in a very, VERY good imitation of Kittyhawk's style. Here's his commentary:

“It was an honor just to be asked to do the Yuuki pages for this first chapter. But when I found out that I'd be introducing an entirely new Yuuki character, I got really excited! Hel hasn't even appeared in Yuuki's own comic yet.

The two dopey characters are styled after the work of Ralph Bakshi. I've named them Max and Fritz, although this might be their only appearance in the series. I kept having to scale these guys back, because the more complex they were, the less they looked like Bakshi guys. Keeping them simple also contributed to making them look somewhat creepy and deranged.

People with a keen eye might spot a reference to my contribution to the Crossover Wars. I'm not going to spoil it, though.

There's another comic coming this Thursday! Don'tcha dare miss it!”

Great job, Neil!