Chapter 4, Page 22

alschroeder on Feb. 16, 2012

Frostbitten, as the Gang's scientific expert and cross-gathering information across realities, is aware of many of Mindmistress' inventions, and limitations, as shown in a story in MINDMISTRESS,THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX.
The largest Gangers, Syr Frost-Daughter and Frostbitten, are guarding the exits. Eruption, with some others, has gone further in. Forst, the robot Ganger, and the hawk-Ganger, plus the mystical Siravros (a feathered dinosaur who's also a sorceress?) who's standing waaaayyy in the background, are covering any who might try to escape. You've not seen Siravros before in this comic, but she first appeared in the KAMICS in this page, and she serves as a mystical assistant to Chant and the Frost-Giantess, Syr. (Didn't think we were paying attention, did you, Kam?)
Yes. Our group is in BIG trouble. As is Knight's Earth, which is hosting them.—Al