Possible Future (Filler: Kyo Undone)

MarcusRaven on Aug. 7, 2007

This filler is simply to announce that Dollhouse will (hopefully) be taking a turn for the better. I've been communicating with an artist lately, discussing the idea of them taking over the…arting…of Dollhouse. This piece is one of my own, but this artist will hopefully bring out the dark and gritty nature of my story. If this plan goes, Dollhouse will be starting over to feature his artwork, and I will post LESS filler. Flash specials will be a thing of the past and this comic will hopefully continue on like its supposed to. All good things come in time, and time is something I just don't have to draw all this stuff. ^_^ Anyway, enjoy my little art of an uncompleted Kyo head, and stay tuned to the hopeful future of Dollhouse!!!!