Shippo_no_Neko on Aug. 2, 2007

This is quite possibly the weirdest thing I've ever drawn. No. Seriously. But it had to be done! For the sake of art! And don't be scared away, new guests… >_> It's really not ususally this weird!

And on the last page, haha ^^;; The reference was to the 70s manga, SWAN. It's a ballet manga, and everyone always wears that same expression, sweats in little droplets all over, and background effects are waaaaaay overused. (Plus they yell what moves they're doing?) Maybe I wasn't obvious enough ^^;; So…. The one who gets first postey gets to make the DiT-themed request!!! (And this is an automatic upload, so it'll be fair, ne?)

Oh, and BTW… Doomjelly just exploded >_> because of the psychadelic power of dance and also I want this story arc to be over!