1344. Closing Time 16: The End

Sameth on July 22, 2015

That's not to imply that the whole comic is the way Erin remembers it (although, that that WOULD explain why she was the main focus in a lot of the comic), but that at the end of it all, she does write a memoir. (This comic takes place when Erin is about 100 since dragons don't start to wrinkle until around 100, which is mid-life for them.)
Man, this ending is really cliche. I feel like I'm ripping off both Stephen King's Stand By Me and the Breakfast Club here. And I feel I should point out that I didn't want to stick with just one year for the flash fowards, so it jumps back and forth depending on what character I'm showing. Sam and Rachel, is of course recent, Beatrix is about 10 years in the future, and so on.
Anyway, thanks for reading. Stay tuned to Dragon City Stories for Chapter 4: Dragon King (working title). I plan on letting that story explain why Elizabeth is no longer with Tibis. Also, I'm still planning on at least one of the dragosn appearing in Jix in a future story arc or two.
Also, Jix is going to have a Wednesday and Friday update schedule leaving Mondays open for DCS. I'm doing it this way so I have an entire weekend to prepare each DCS.

One last thing (I know this is kinda long) is that Sam Jr. in Natasha's universe is just Sam, but Samantha usually goes by Samantha, so there's no confusion there. That and he's green and not brown.