Chapter 9, Page 27

RobertRVeith on Oct. 19, 2020

This is where it ends for now. Thanks for joining me for this journey.
I've wanted to do comics since I was a small child. I drew my first comic books when I was about eight years old. Through my teens, I published an alt-press magazine featuring comics by myself and friends. When I started college, well-meaning guidance counselors discouraged me from pursuing my comic ambitions and turned me towards professions with more hope of renumeration. I spent 20 years in graphic design. Jerrik Crevinn has been a character in my head since high school. It's been a dream come true to delve back into drawing him and telling you his adventures.
While DiCL will be taking a hiatus from The Duck, my new sci fi comic Jovian is just getting going. Please check it out and leave a comment.

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The series is available digitally from Comixology in their proprietary format. DriveThruComics also has digital versions of all issues with bonus content.
If you haven't done so yet, make sure to pick up the Free Special HERE which is all stuff that isn't in the webcomic.