Chapter 9, Page 16

RobertRVeith on Aug. 10, 2020

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If you'll permit me to geek out a moment here… this page and next week's page are pretty much my favorite spread of the whole book. You can do things in a comic book that don't make sense in any other medium and I push on the medium pretty hard here. Tahni, as our narrator, relates a story told to her by the wizard historian Kullnan (we see them meet back in Chapter 4). Kullnan wrote the book on the great hero Darrinion (whose adventures are related in the back pages of the DiCL comics downloadable from DriveThruComics and Comixology). Kullnan told Tahni things which didn't make it into his book… and she now relates one of these stories to us. Meanwhile, in the foreground images, we see the duel being fought between Jerrik and Braxton. In the background, we see panels related to Jerrik's memories of the Battle of Southern Hold (at least how Tahni, our narrator, images them). Like Darrinion, Jerrik failed utterly at his duty; Like Darrinion, Jerrik has taken the long walk to atone. Tahni wonders if Jerrik, like Darrinion, will be redeemed by the experience. I don't know of any medium besides comics which can pack this much story into a two page spread.
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